About Us

Grifka Group was founded in 2016 by Leo Grifka, an entrepreneur and real estate developer based in Los Angeles. With a focus on seeking out opportunistic, value-add developments, Grifka Group tasks itself with creating an exceptional collection of upscale, coveted destinations. Whether the development is a creative office, boutique hotel, or a multi-family apartment, Grifka Group’s properties have their own unique feel and vibe. With incomparable attention to detail, Grifka Group has strived to create an impressive real estate portfolio, across all asset classes, of high end, highly curated, and well located properties.

About Leo the founder

Founded in 2016 by Leo Grifka, with the intention of building a portfolio of well located and highly curated real estate over several different asset classes, Grifka Group prides itself on developing underutilized and underappreciated properties and transforming them into desired destinations.

Prior to this, Leo was brought on as Executive Vice President at HQ Development (aka HQ Creative Office) to facilitate their rapid expansion of high-end creative office developments. Among the many hats that Leo wore for HQ were sourcing new acquisitions, performing due diligence, and overseeing the entitlement and construction process. Expanding the portfolio from three buildings to more than 13 buildings owned today, Leo was instrumental in transforming HQ Development into one of the largest high-end creative office developers in Los Angeles today.

In 2011, Leo founded Grifka Realty, an independent real estate brokerage firm specializing in single family residential properties. Leo currently owns and operates Grifka Realty and has several agents working for the brokerage. In 2009, Leo began his career in the tech world, but shortly thereafter was hired by GK Development to oversee the construction of two medical office buildings in Beverly Hills.

Leo holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arizona, double majoring in business management and entrepreneurship.